Devozioni e sentimento religioso di un aristocratico in carcere. Giovanni Marsiglio Pio nel Castelvecchio di Ferrara (1469-1477)

di Fabio Forner e Gian Maria Varanini.



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Giovanni Marsiglio Pio, a member the most important family of Carpi, was imprisoned for about eight years after being accused, along with his other relatives, to have conspired against Borso d’Este. In this period he was able not only to record in a sort of diary, inter alia, the received gifts and the people he met, but also to write verses then collected in a Canzoniere . In this article we underline the importance of these documents in order to enrich the dossier of evidences of the late medieval religiosity in prison, with a rather special case: that of a prisoner of high rank guarded in a special prison, which entailed a harsh restriction of freedom, but in a manner somewhat different from those of the municipal jails of late medieval Italian cities.




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